The Book

This practical guide to Game Audio puts the means of production into the hands of Sound Designers, Composers, and Game Designers.

If you want to be part of the future of Game Audio you need to learn how to produce Interactive Audio, not just one shot sound effects or music loops. Better use of Audio makes a better Game and it's your job to make this happen. You can do this by talking, but you can do it better by showing.

Get your hands dirty by seeing what you can do, and how far you can go, in a real Games Engine to demonstrate your ideas effectively. Each section of the book links to an area of the accompanying Game Level where you can experience the principles in action before getting stuck in yourself with over fifty practical exercises.

What people are saying...

If you want to learn about game audio implementation, this is the book for you! Stevens and Raybould have written a thorough, practical, hands-on guide to sound and music implementation in games and, by doing so, present the reader with an excellent introduction to the concepts of interactive game sound. Speckled with humour and written in an accessible style, this book is sure to find a home in many classrooms and homes of aspiring sound designers, composers, and audio programmers.

-Karen Collins, Canada Research Chair in Interactive Audio, University of Waterloo, Author of Game Sound (MIT Press)

The Game Audio Tutorial is not only an impressive exploration of the UDK audio system, but also a thorough introduction to fundamentals of audio for games. Novices and advanced users alike will find this book an invaluable resource, as it takes the reader through the process of triggering their first sound to scripting complex in-game actions. The authors (Richard Stevens and Dave Raybould) have put together an amazing amount of information about audio for the UDK not easily found anywhere else. The Game Audio Tutorial is one of a kind and has found a way of making seemingly difficult concepts easier to understand.

-Chris Latham, Professor of Advanced Interactive Audio at Full Sail University and Technical Sound Designer and Founder of Engine Audio

An excellent hands-on introduction to game audio. I'd recommend it to anyone starting in the area.

-Michael C. Kelly, Senior Game Audio Programmer

Other comments we have received:

I love the book. I am thinking of using it as a class textbook.

This book is great.

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for a great job with the GAT book. It's really well written, easy to follow and inspiring to use with all the example levels and exercises that are included.

Thank you so much for releasing the book. There is such a shortage of resources for those of us who are trying to learn the specifics of game audio, as you know (hence the reason for the book!).

I purchased the book a couple of months ago and am loving it.

Thanks so much for this opportunity. This book along with others I've collected is truly helping me make the seemingly difficult transition into the game audio realm easier than I had initially anticipated.

I'm really happy with the Game Audio Tutorial! I'm an aspiring sound designer and I didn't really know where to start, but this perfect!

I just wanted to write an email to the two of you to thank you for making this book and website. I've been working as a sound designer for Flash games for a couple of years and have been wanting to break into AAA titles, but I've felt frustrated because it seemed like there was nowhere to go to learn without already having a job doing it. My wife got me the book for Christmas and I finally have some hope because of your book. The very hands-on approach you take is exactly what I needed, and I'm actually hopeful about the future of my career again.

This semester I've adopted your book for my course. Thank you so much for publishing this book! I have absolutely loved using your book in my course!

Your book/tutorials are awesome! I'm so pleased that I'll have your book to work with next term and I can't wait to see what results it will bring.

I just purchased your book about 2 weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it. It's very informative and, as far as I know, the only book to actually delve more into the sound implementation within UDK specifically.

I picked up your book about a year ago and must say I was very impressed with the level of simplicity and ease of use tied in with the complexity of the material. I am working toward designing a new course for game audio and would like to use your book and it's exercises/materials as the main course-ware

I just wanted to let you know to what extent your book has been a tremendous help with my class and teaching students crucial concepts in a fun and entertaining way


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  • The new edition of the book has been released - visit the website here.
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  • Whilst we work on the new edition of the book to support UE4, you can still get the previous versions of UE3 (UDK) from here.
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  • We've received a number of enquiries regarding the use of the GAT and UE4 - we're working on a new edition, but have put some information about aspects of the current edition that are transferable here.
  • --------------------------------
  • Good news! We have updated the GAT levels and all accompanying files to ensure compatibility with the July 2013 version of UDK (the latest). We have also released all of the Bonus Videos that accompany the book on our YouTube channel.
  • --------------------------------
  • We have updated the GAT levels and all accompanying files for the November 2012 version of the UDK.
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  • We have updated the GAT levels and all accompanying files for the July 2012 version of the UDK. This update also fixes a minor issue that was present within the standalone chapter 06 level relating to SoundModes.
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  • Due to popular demand, we have uploaded higher quality versions of the video tutorials. These are available through the usual Download link. The original, smaller versions are still available.
  • --------------------------------
  • We have updated the GAT level and all accompanying files for the May 2012 build of the UDK. At the same time we have created separate levels for each of the chapters within the book in an attempt to make using the GAT that little bit easier.
    We have also fixed a few minor bugs, including the previous issue with the SoundClassesAndModes file so there is now no longer a need to download a separate file.
  • --------------------------------
  • We have identified an issue in the GAT whereby AmbientZones stop working. It transpires that a new option has been added to the SoundClass Editor in which you have to physically turn on any soundclasses that you want to be affected by AmbientZones. We have modified the SoundClassesAndModes.upk file and made it available on the downloads page. Simply drop this file into your UDKGame/Content/Shared folder to overwrite the previous version, and all should be well!
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  • We've released a bonus example of how music can be used within a Racer-game scenario. There is a free tutorial video (youtube link) and example level on the downloads page
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  • The April UDK versions of the Level and Exercises are now available for download!
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  • Bonus Video Tutorials 16-20 now available for download
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  • Bonus Video Tutorials 11-15 now available for download
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  • Bonus Video Tutorials 01-10 now available for download
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  • The Game Audio Tutorial is released!